Looking For Extra Income After Retiring? Why You Should Start A Custom Framing Business

Retirement doesn't come easy to many people. You may find you need a bit of help financially or maybe you cannot just sit at home with nothing that has to be done. The idea of going back to work, even part time, is not appealing either. You need to find something that will provide you with a bit of extra income, take up some time so you are not bored, and yet give you the freedom to get involved with other activities as you wish. The answer is to start your own custom framing business. While it may not be something you would have thought of on your own, consider the following reasons and you will see how much sense it makes.

Quick Training

While anyone can put together a quick picture frame, doing it in a way that people will pay for is different. Luckily, many craft stores and community colleges offer a class in custom framing. Usually, the class can be completed in just a few days.

Low Start-up Costs

To earn a bit of extra money making custom frames, you can work right out of your home. You will need a sturdy table, a straight-line mat cutter, a miter saw, a hammer and some paintbrushes. You can buy the wood, nails and varnishes as you get orders. There is no sense in having a bunch of oak or maple wood pieces around if the customer orders pine.

Work from Home

A custom framing business can be run from your own home. The right type of marketing will have people and/or businesses calling you to have work done. As an added service, you can offer to go to any potential customers to see what is needed, take the work back home, finish the frame and then deliver it. This way, you do not have to worry about people showing up at your home all the time.

Good Return on Your Investment

Of course, since you are doing this to make some extra income, it is important to note that a well-made custom framing job can make quite a hefty profit. You need to make sure you add the cost of all materials and then come up with a figure for your work. In the beginning you will take longer to make the frames. However, as time goes by, your hourly wages will increase as you make the frames quicker.

Custom framing is a business that is in demand. You can decide how much work you need to take on for the income you need. It may take a couple of months to see the full profit, but once you get involved with a business or two, you should have enough work to make the money you want. For more information about the process, contact a company like The Picture Frame Factory.