Make Your Own Customized Picture Frame In Just A Few Easy Steps

If you have a special photo or piece of artwork that you want to get framed, getting one custom made can be costly. Whether the item you want to frame is an unusual size or it's just something you'd like to have significant sentimental value, a customized frame that you make yourself will give it a personalized touch. With a few easy steps, you can create your very own frame that will be perfect for hanging your favorite picture or piece of art. 

Tools And Materials

In order to make a frame, you will need a miter saw, four metal corner braces, a self-leveling hanger, a drill with several bits, and the pieces of wood or MDF you plan to use. Measure your picture on the long and short end to calculate just how much material you will need. Make sure the photo or artwork you choose is on stiff cardboard or canvas so it will hold up well once it's framed. If you want, you can also purchase a piece of glass and use a glass cutter to create a perfectly-sized piece of glass to place over the picture when you're done.

Cut And Measure

In order to measure the frame pieces properly, remove one inch from the height and width of the actual picture measurements in order to create a half-inch overlap on each side on the interior. This will be the inside length of the frame pieces after they've been mitered. For the exterior length, double the width and add it to the inside length measurement. Cut four separate pieces of your frame that are about an inch longer than the measured lengths. Use the miter saw to cut each end of your material at a 45-degree angle. 

Put It Together

After you've cut and measured all pieces, lay them on a flat surface in alternating lengths from end to end. Tape them on the outside where the tips of each end touch leaving no gaps. Apply wood glue to each section of the mitered ends and then press them together. Make sure that everything is flush and allow the glue to dry, then remove the tape.

Add your corner brackets using the included pilot holes as a guide for your screws. Using your drill, create the holes in the back of each corner and then screw your braces in place. Do this for every corner, and then attach the hanging kit to the back of the frame for easy display. If you want to get creative, feel free to paint or finish your frame in your favorite color to give it an even more personalized look. Contact a company like InstaFrame Galleries for more information about picture frames.