4 Tips To Help With Junk Removal And Scrap Metal Recycling

Cleaning up junk around a property is a lot of work, but it can also be something that can give you extra cash if there is enough metal around. This gives you a couple of options, such as paying less to have a service clean up the mess or doing the cleaning yourself and getting extra cash for the scrap metal that you find. Here are some tips that will help with junk removal and scrap metal recycling when you need to cleanup:

1. Sorting Common Tin and Steel Scrap to Recycle It

The first types of metals that you will want to deal with are the least valuable. These will also be the largest bulk of materials that need to be removed when cleaning. Metals like tin and steel scraps are heavy and are still valuable. Remove any materials like motors and other parts that may be made of more valuable metals before throwing these materials into their pile to be recycled.

2. Sorting Alloys and Aluminum Materials from Ferrous Metals

When recycling scrap metals, there are often metal alloys that get confused with common steel and tin materials. These metals are very valuable and should be separated from the common scrap ferrous metals. Even galvanized and stainless-steel metals will be much more valuable. In general, if a magnet does not stick to the metal, it is non-ferrous and more valuable than the other metals.

3. The Most Valuable Copper and Brass Scrap Metal Materials

Some of the most valuable materials that you will find with scrap metal junk is copper and brass. Copper is easy to identify as it is usually wires and pipes. In addition to the copper, there is also brass. Some brass has more copper, which will make it more valuable. In general, the redder the color of brass fittings, the more copper it contains.

4. Finding Scrap Precious Metals Like Silver and Gold in Unlikely Places

You may be surprised to know that there is a lot of precious metal that can be found. The materials that are electrical equipment, you will find silver parts used for connections. There is also gold to be found in sensitive technology like computers and other electronics that are often thrown out.

These are some tips that will help you with scrap metal recycling and cleaning up junk from a property. If you have some spring cleaning that needs to be done, contact a scrap gold service to sell the most valuable metals you find.