Options When You Shop For A Barrel Head Clock

If you want to hang a large wall clock in a room in your home and you favor a clock that will add a significant amount of style, you have several options to consider. For many people, a clock made from the head of a wooden barrel can be a popular option. Its large size will work well in many large rooms of your home, including your living room, dining room, and basement. When you find a retailer that carries several different barrel head clocks, you'll have a number of options as you look for the right clock for your home. Here are three options.

Numeral Style

As you check out a selection of barrel head clocks, one thing that you'll often notice is that the style of numerals can vary from clock to clock. You'll certainly see some products that have standard numbers, but it's also common to see clocks that feature Roman numerals. Others simply have small dashes or dots instead of conventional numbers. Think about what design will suit your sense of style and also be practical. For example, if you have young children who are learning to tell time, you might favor a wall clock with standard numbers that your kids will recognize.


Some barrel head clocks have a simple design, featuring the numerals around the perimeter of the barrel head and the clock mechanism in the center. You'll also see clocks that have wording in one or more locations on the face of the clock. This wording can vary. Sometimes, there will be a catchy phrase that relates to time. In other products, there will be wording that makes it seem as though the barrel once held alcohol. Think about how much wording you favor and what type of message you want on your wall.


The overall appearance of barrel head clocks can also vary. Some have a pristine look that can make them a good fit in certain rooms. You'll also see barrel head clocks that are distressed in a few ways. For example, the wood itself may be worn in different areas and there may even be chips or dents in the wood that give it an antique style — even if it's actually a new product. This option can work well in a home that has more of a rustic feel. Find a retailer that specializes in barrel head clocks for sale.

To look at some options, visit a local stamp barrel clock supplier today.